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Step 5 Create Sender Metadata File

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2016 02:09PM CDT
Step 5 - Create Sender Metadata File

Users can create a sender metadata file to ensure that recipients accurately process FATCA XML files and notifications.  Notifications are responses sent by the IRS to an FI or HCTA and state whether the file was processed correctly or contained errors.
A template metadata file is available in XML format as part of the enrollment process. Sign into IDES
 to create the template. FIs and HCTAs can use the template to create a metadata file to attach to the payload before uploading to IDES. 

The FATCA Sender Metadata XML file is created using the FATCA Metadata XML Schema v1.0 and the file name is “[FATCAEntitySenderId]_Metadata.xml.”  All FATCA partners must provide the values for the elements in the sender metadata file. Refer to the FACTA XML Schema
 page for more information.

Elements Length Description
FATCAEntitySenderId N/A FATCA partner that submits data
FATCAEntityReceiverId N/A FATCA partner receives data
FATCAEntCommunicationTypeCd N/A Indicates the transmission type
RPT = FATCA Report communication
NTF = FATCA Notification communication
SenderFileId 200 References the user provided transmission filename
FileCreateTs N/A References timestamp created by the sender transmission
TaxYear 4 Indicates the tax year (YYYY format)
FileRevisionInd 1 Indicates if this is a revised transmission
OriginalIDESTransmissionId 32 IDES Transmission ID referencing an update to an earlier transmission
Optional – Use only after IRS request
SenderContactEmailAddressTxt N/A Sender email address

‚ÄčTable 8 - Sender Metadata Schema summarizes each element.

Note: The sender metadata file is never encrypted because it is used to verify and route transmissions to the correct recipient.          

1 - FATCA IDES Technical FAQ

2 - FATCA XML Best Practices of Form 8966
3 - FATCA FAQ General
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